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FREE WEBINAR with Julia Black
How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes when it comes to flexi-schooling your child!
In this training I will walk you through how to use Lights On™ to create a knock-out Flexi-School plan. We will explore how to get your child learning with their Lights On™ AND give you the best possible chance that their school says YES!! I want to fast track you through my 10 years of experience so you don't make the same mistakes that I did. I'll show you how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes by sharing with you my 3 keys essential for your child's success. 

Julia Black

Founder of Explorium
& creator of Lights On™ 
What You Will Learn On This Free Lights On™ Webinar:
The 3 mistakes to avoid when flexi-schooling
How do we create the right amount of structure so that creative child-led learning can flourish? We can all talk the talk but I'm going to show you how to walk the walk!
The 3 keys to unlock your child's success
Get these keys in place and you will create a nurturing and creative environment for some really deep and lasting learning.
The 5 crucial steps to make the most out of your time together
Our Lights On™ framework will take you step-by-step through the why, the how and the what to get your child learning with their Lights On™.
Why I'd like you to join me...
Four years ago when my daughter said her learning was being 'fenced in' at school I was naive enough to think I could change the education system by setting up a supplementary creative learning centre. That didn't quite work out to plan! But what it allowed me to do was immerse myself in over 26,000 hours of hands-on delivery to over 600 learners and what came out of that was a proven 5 step framework that brings about transformational change in children and young people. I now want to share everything I've learned with parents, who like me, know our school system on its own is not enough for our children. The beauty of Lights On™ is with just 2 hours a week we can see a massive shift to children's attitude to learning.
Don't just take my word for it...
"Explorium and the Lights On programme appeared for us in the very moment we needed it. With its experience and philosophy it soaked us in. 

Lights On has allowed us to spend more time together without feeling guilty and being a part of the Lights On community has given us sense of not being alone in our situation and reassurance that the time our son spends with us, rather than being at school, is not wasted and support in understanding the real needs of our children."

- Renata Lights On LIVE Members
"I was excited to find an organisation that shares many of the concerns I have with the way our education system is structured and one that offers a solution to attempt to combat these.

It is great to have a community of like-minded people with the same goal. I feel that there is a whole community of people who are excited about finding our children's passions and encouraging them to flourish."

- Emily, Lights On LIVE Member
Last week's session was most uplifting as I have been quite despondent about getting flexi-schooling approved.

Your lights on approach is fantastic. The more I get to know it the better, it is so useful AND interesting. Longer term, I am extremely interested in being involved in the extension of Explorium/Lights On, local to me.

- Calah, Lights On LIVE Member

I wanted to gain an understanding of the Lights On approach to learning, with the viewpoint of seeing how I could incorporate this into my tutoring.

I wanted to find a way to re-engage them and keep them passionate about the work they are doing.

I would recommend Lights On to other parents definitely! - 

- Emanuela, Lights On LIVE Member

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